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Our blends are produced only by using high-quality products

Our blends are produced only by using high-quality products in order to obtain a fragrant "espresso" with an intense aroma and a plesant taste, as well as a thick and persistent cream.

Our ten-year experience blends combine various kinds of coffee, using their different features in a balanced way in order to ensure consistency of taste over time.

Beans are imported only after a deep and careful quality control of the selected sample, followed by a further check at the plant. Thanks to our updated equipment, the roasting phase is characterized by several automatic process controls in order to ensure a homogeneous coffee beans roasting. After an appropriate rest, an accurate beans selection follows in order to remove the imperfect ones which could alter the taste.

Variety and Selection of coffee machine
Espresso Bar Arabica; Espresso Bar Classic; Espresso Bar Mild blend; Espresso Bar Strong blend

Espressobar line is mostly for restaurants, cafes, hotels and vending machines.

Espresso Bar Arabica (black bag): composed of 100% Coffea Arabica for coffee connoisseurs. Strong aroma, sweet and delicate taste with a low percentage of caffeine.

Espresso Bar Classic(brown bag): typical Italian blend characterized by an harmonious and full-bodied taste composed mainly of South American Coffees.

Espresso Bar Mild blend (green bag): traditional blend characterized by a mild taste.

Espresso Bar Strong blend (blue bag): a high-quality standard blend at low price.

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