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About us

 Biancaffè the Italian coffee from 1932
The founder Antonio Bianco
Biancaffe was established in 1932 as a small coffee-roasting company

Biancaffe was established in 1932 as a small coffee-roasting company in which over a half century has become a modern industrial complex. In the last years, while the rigorous selection of the product and meticulous care in all phases have remained the same, advance technological methods for product quality standard controls have been developed. Moreover the company has aimed at creating a strong brand through an aggressive marketing strategy in order to expand international markets.

The coffee blend


Our up-to-date technology allows us to preserve the full aroma of our coffee during the delicate toasting process.  
The result is a coffee with a full, rich flavour.

The coffee taste


This is the most delicate and, at the same time, most fascinating process.
From each individual kinds of coffee, we create a blend, helped by over seventy-years experience and always thinking of the requirements of the consumer.

Green Coffee

The beans are selected by us and imported directly from the plantation.  


Following initial selection of the green coffee beans to eliminate the imperfect ones, there is a careful selection of the toasted beans to eliminate all possibility of altering the taste.  

We take serious consideration to Selecting, Packaging and Distribution in order to maintain our product with its fragrance and freshness intact.


 The use of the most modern materials available allow us to get our product to the consumer with its fragrance and freshness intact.


Always sensitive to the needs of our clients,  BIANCAFFE' has succeeded in forming an organisation with men
and means capable of guaranteeing a constant and reliable service.      

The art of espresso coffee

Biancaffe.co.uk LTD
Office: +44(0) 1483 841246
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